Chimney Repair

Chimney RepairChimney Repair & Chimney Inspection

Marathon Masonry offers full service chimney repair including stone and brick chimney rebuilds, chimney tuckpointing, chimney restorations, chimney relining, and a wide variety of chimney caps?and chimney crowns.

Chimney inspections and chimney repairs are an often forgotten home maintenance item. ?Chimney repairs are important for preventing chimney fires. but also to assess wear to the chimney. Homeowners in Portland Oregon often wait to perform chimney repairs after water begins to enter the interior of the home, often inside the walls, through leaks in the chimney. Don’t wait!

Chimneys can last as long as your home is standing, but only if they are properly maintained. Brick and stone chimneys are exposed to the elements 365 days a year, the mortar and even the bricks wear down over time. Eventually the mortar wears out and the chimney leaks causing serious damage to your home.

Call Marathon Masonry today at 503-504-3073 for a free consultation with a master mason, and chimney repair expert.

Chimney Repair By A Master Mason

Don’t?trust an amateur to inspect and repair your chimney. ?Adam Luchs, founder?of Marathon Masonry is a master mason who has worked on dozens of chimney repairs and chimney rebuilds for homeowners and businesses in Portland Oregon. ?You can trust your chimney repair will be high quality ?when you choose Marathon Masonry.

Call Marathon Masonry today at 503-504-3073 for a free consultation with a chimney repair expert.